This year we set out to create a merch collection for LOVE allies everywhere. It all started with the “radical” belief that a human being has the right to LOVE whomever he/she/they want and be whoever the hell he/she/they want.

Our UNITED BY LOVE campaign has an agenda. A human agenda. An agenda that says: WE ARE ALL PEOPLE. It’s an agenda that wants nothing more and nothing less than for EVERY HUMAN BEING out there to be who they were born to be. We are all part of a humankind. Human. Kind. Be both. LOVE unites us. Together we rise.

The best part? 100% OF ALL PROFIT WILL BE DONATED to 2 charity organizations supporting LGBT communities:
HaengSeongIn in South Korea + QMUNITY in Vancouver.

UNITED BY LOVE merch is also made of LOVE. The logo was created by an independent graphic designer Cari Smuts:

"In this design, I portrayed the diversity and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ movement. The blue and pink overlapping triangle stands for bisexuality and bi pride, whereas the black and white stripes in the background represent heterosexual support for LGBTQ+ people, issues, justice and concerns."

UNITED BY LOVE apparel is:

  • constructed from high quality natural materials
  • made in the USA
  • printed in California
  • sweatshop free
  • love at first wear guarantee

For LIMITED time only so get yours before August 31.

Are you a LOVE ally? Show your LOVE here.