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New Year, New Era: We Are Moving to a New Nightclub

New year, new-ish Soju Sunday. 🎉

Our first chapter will be forever tied to our OG location at Venue (now The Pearl). After running Soju Sunday on the Granville Strip for 5 years, pandemic stopped us in our tracks. We took a 2.5 year break and came back stronger, bringing Soju Sunday to the Levels Nightclub each long weekend Sunday since July 2022. And now, 3 weeks into 2024, we are turning the page again to start a brand new chapter.

Before we tell you why we are stoked to be moving Soju Sunday experience to Enso, we want to give huge thanks to the Levels crew. 💚

Never ever have met more genuine, kind, caring, hard working, and overall wonderful human beings. We loved our time at Levels because of all of you. 🫰

Johnny, Kyle, JJ, all bartenders, table service staff, bouncers, bathroom crew, sound check engineers. Everyone who made Soju Sunday at Levels possible. Thank you for everything. It's been a huge pleasure.

Formerly known as The Rage, The Cave, Plush, Gossip, Harbour to the now reinvented Ensō, our new Soju venue has everything we ever wanted and you kept asking for. In Zen, ensō (円相) is a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

We're excited to embark on this new journey and create a new Soju x Enso experience. We kept hearing from you that you would appreciate bigger space. So we're making it happen. Enso venue is BIG.

Other than a much bigger dance floor and a big stage for your K-Pop cover dances, Enso comes with 2 different experiences. The main room features one of Vancouver's largest HD screens (can't wait to screen accompanying K-Pop MVs for you), lights production and full world-class D&B sound system ever with special effects enhancing your experience even further. 🤩

Enso's unique lounge with the speakeasy style back door entrance concept will provide a different environment for party goers who want to be in a higher end scale atmosphere with high definition screens.

What we love about Enso is that they dare to be different and we can't wait to experience Enso with you, Soju fam, for the first time on February 18. What a special way to celebrate our 8th anniversary.

If you haven't grabbed your ticket, you can do so here. We can't wait to party with you in Feb. 🎈


Cover Image Credit: Enso + xodnnhm  

Enso Circle: Make A Gif

Enso Images: Enso

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