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Canada's Most Popular K-Pop party!
Soju Sunday has attracted 1000+ K-Pop fans to come together once a month to unite over their love for K-Pop since 2016!
In 2022, Soju Sunday moved from Venue Nightclub to Levels Nightclub, @560 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC.
Come party every long-weekend Sunday @ Levels Nightclub, the new home of the original Soju Sunday;
It is only with the help of Soju Sunday's amazing sponsor Good Day Soju, host venue Levels Nightclub, and of course the amazing support of our Soju Fam that Soju Sunday is able to keep the K-pop party going! Soju Event's thanks them for their ongoing love & support of Soju Sunday . Soju Events also recognizes the previous support that Venue Nightclub, Blueprint Events, and Astro Entertainment, provided Soju Sunday to turn it into the most popular K-Pop club night in Canada.
K-Pop is the heart and soul of each Soju Sunday and that's why our motto is always K-Pop All Night! To offer a variety, K-Hip Hop blasts in the separate, "Sideroom," for those who enjoy some quality Korean rap, live performances or having a round of soju shots. The Soju Sunday fam also enjoys dancing to their song requests that are compiled into monthly Spotify playlists which are played during the first two hours of each Soju Sunday.
Soju Events' team truly cares about every single person coming to Soju Sunday. Soju Events makes a big effort to keep the Soju Fam engaged by coming up with new themes and bringing on board local and international talent.  

Soju Sunday has also been blessed by international superstars such as
Reddy, and Verbal JintSoju Sunday is also extremely proud to support and promote local talents such as Yours Truly, K-City, ₩ild ₩aves, Compass Crew, DJ. JT, DJ Justin Murta, and DJ Kluzda.


K-Pop photo props to get you that perfect Insta pic

Drool-worthy balloon drops packed with prizes 

K-Pop themed Soju drinks (have you tried a G-Dragon?)

Songs requested by our Soju fam 

The best from both worlds: K-Pop + K-Hip Hop


Soju 소주

Flavoured Soju

Pineapple, Lychee, Peach, Blueberry, Melon(new)!

Soju Bomb
soju + energy drink

Somaek 소맥

G-Dragon Shot

soju + sour puss

Holy BTS

soju + blue curacao + sour puss razz + sprite

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New Drink Menu