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  • When and where is the next Soju Sunday?
    Soju Sunday YVR takes place each long-weekend Sunday at Enso Nightclub, 750 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver, BC. The next Soju Sunday will be held on Sunday, June 30, 2024. Future Soju Sundays in YEG and YYC: TBA You can view all future Soju events here: Please go over the list of items prohibited at Enso: 〰Gum 〰Masks 〰Outside food + beverage 〰Camel backs 〰Bota bags 〰Hula hoops 〰Stuffed animals or dolls (including plush backpacks) 〰Balloons, balls or inflatables 〰Frisbees 〰Laser pointers 〰Flagpoles or banner poles of any kind 〰Large chains or spiked jewelry 〰Weapons of any kind 〰Anything that could be used as a weapon or as a projectile 〰Bottles, cups, jugs or cans of any kind 〰Fireworks, flares, or other pyrotechnics 〰Alcoholic beverages of any kind 〰Narcotics or other illegal stimulants including paraphernalia (marijuana products or associated paraphernalia) 〰Folding chairs, with the exception of cane-chair + seat-walker mobility aids 〰Any sort of animals other than trained guide dogs for the visually impaired 〰Any promotional or commercial materials not pre-approved by management 〰Spray cans, corrosive, flammable substances, dyes or receptacles containing substances which are harmful to health or are highly flammable 〰Mechanically-operated instruments which produce an excessive volume of noise such as megaphones, air or gas-powered horns 〰Cameras, video cameras or other sound or video recording equipment 〰Computers or other devices used for the purposes of transmitting or disseminating sound, pictures, descriptions or results of the events via the internet or other forms of media. 〰No Drones 〰Any other objects which could compromise public safety and/or harm the reputation of the event
  • Is Soju Sunday 19+ (Vancouver) and 18+ (Edmonton + Calgary) only?
    Yes, all Soju Sunday parties are licensed events unless otherwise posted. You need to be of legal drinking age to attend: 19+ for Vancouver and 18+ for Edmonton and Calgary. In order to be allowed in, you need to show two pieces of accepted ID – one primary & one secondary piece of ID. Please double-check that you're bringing the right ID before coming – it could save you an extra trip or other delays! Prepare to show both your ID's to the security staff upon arrival.
  • What is primary and what is secondary ID?
    Primary ID must: be government issued, clearly indicate your full name and date of birth and must include your photo. Examples of primary ID: Driver's License, BC Services Card, Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Resident Card, Canadian or International Passport ​ Examples of secondary ID: Bank Card (both your imprinted name and signature must appear on the card), Canadian Forces ID, Credit Card (both your imprinted name and signature must appear on the card)
  • How many songs can I request and when is the cut off?
    It's 3 song requests per person and the deadline is exactly one week before Soju Sunday.
  • I bought multiple tickets for my friends but we are coming separately. What should I do?
    When you and your Soju crew go separately, just forward them the e-mail you received after purchasing the tickets and they can show that to the door staff at Enso Nightclub. Easy peasy!
  • Do I have to print my Soju Sunday ticket?
    Please do not print your tickets. Join us on the mission to be more eco-conscious while saving some trees in the process. A screenshot of your ticket is all we need to see as a proof of purchase. When you show your phone at the door make sure your screen brightness is up!
  • Are in-s and out-s allowed?
    No, in-s and out-s are not allowed at Enso Nightclub.
  • Is there a coat check?
    Yes, Enso Nightclub offers a coat check service. Cost: $5 per item Please make sure you do not lose your coat check ticket or else you must wait until the end of the night to collect your item once the coat check has been emptied. *Pro Tip: Combine all of your items into one bag to save money! ​
  • Can I buy tickets at the door and how much are they?
    Yes, door tickets are available but only on the night of the event. For online EARLY BIRD and GENERAL ADMISSION tickets please visit: . The price per ticket is $30 and are available on a first-come; first-serve basis subject to venue capacity. Thank you for your interest in Soju Sunday, if you are experiencing difficulty purchasing tickets online please contact our Soju Management Team at:
  • For the VIP express entry + drink ticket, what kind of drink does the drink ticket come with?
    You can get any drink from the Soju drink menu: Soju소주 | Double shot (2 oz) Flavoured Soju | Double shot (2 oz) lychee, melon, pineapple Somaek소맥 | Soju + beer Soju Bomb | Soju + energy drink G-Dragon Shot | Double shot (2 oz) soju + sour puss raz Holy BTS | Double shot (2 oz) soju + blue curacao + sour puss raz + 7-Up Milkis Fizz | Double shot (2 oz) soju + milkis + ice
  • What's the fastest way to contact you?
    The fastest way to reach us is by shooting us an Instagram DM or emailing us at You can also call/text 236-863-4091.
  • Where can I park my car overnight?
    We recommend to park at any of the Impark lots nearby Enso. Make sure you have a designated driver and NEVER drink and drive. You can check Parkopedia for the closest parking option. Make sure to not leave valuables in your vehicle. ​
  • Do you accept refunds?
    Yes, we do! We accept refunds until 9 pm PST one day before the event, which falls on Saturday. Please contact the Soju team at Don't forget to include your name, your email address and your ticket number. If you miss the deadline, do not worry. We'd be happy to transfer your ticket to any future Soju Sunday.
  • How much is Soju Sunday VIP table and what's included in the price?
    Soju Sunday B-table package starts at $500 and it comes with a bottle of liquor according to your preference + 5 soju bottles. VIP-table package costs anywhere from $750 - $1500. You can book your table here. Tables do not include cover so you will still need to purchase your Soju Sunday tickets. Get your tickets here.


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