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선미 SUNMI's Warning Wowed Vancouver

Last Monday Sunmi made a stop in Vancouver while bringing a Warning around the globe with her first world tour. She took Vogue stage in typical Sunmi fashion - by storm and barefoot.

Before we jump straight into her concert night, let's take a quick look at one of the hottest K-Pop female soloists right now.


Sunmi rose to prominence as a member of Wonder Girls, JYP Entertainment’s girl group which debuted in 2007 with the track “Irony,” and quickly turned its follow-up hits like “Tell Me” and “Nobody” into national anthems. The singer released her first solo song “Full Moon” in 2013. Each single Sunmi put out there since has gone on to become a massive hit in the South Korean music scene, mostly thanks to her dynamic lyrics through which she explores ideas of femininity and love, and her captivating, theatrical performances.

Sunmi's 2017 hit song “Gashina” became one of the best songs of that year, and defined her identity as a soloist in a post-Wonder Girls world after the iconic act’s breakup that January. Last year, she released the singles “Heroine” and “Siren” along with her Warning EP, which gives the tour its title.

Within hours of Sunmi’s tour being announced on Twitter, we could hardly hold our excitement and started counting the days left until March 11.


And then that day finally arrived. The night was filled with the infectious panflute melodies of Sunmi‘s megahit comeback singles like "Gashina," "Heroine" or "Siren" as well as her most recent "Noir" single accompanied with super slick choreography. Let's look at the best concert moments and experience Warning one more time through the eyes of our amazing contributor Madi.

1. Who else can look this fab while putting on a pair of boots while greeting her fans? Only Sunmi can. Multitasking at its best.

2. The show must go on...

3. Burn baby, burn!

4. Anyone else obsessed with Black Pearl?

5. 7 letters. G A S H I N A

6. We love you Sunmi!

Sunmi closes her tour at 7 PM tonight at Lincoln Centre in Washington, DC. If you want to know what songs to expect or if you would like to reminiscent about her Vancouver concert setlist, go check out our YouTube playlist we prepared for you.

Until next time Sunmi!

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