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11 Awesome Ways To Put Your K-Pop Light Stick To Good Use

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

If you think light sticks can only be used to cheer at concerts, you are wrong!

Every K-Pop enthusiast knows that a light stick is an essential concert accessory, and there’s no experience quite like waving one along to music you love with thousands of other like-minded fans.

Years since the OG K-Pop idol fans (any OG fam in da house?) used to wave colored balloons in the air, the idea of having a “support item” that represents the group and its fans has come a long way. Now we can choose from a plethora of battery-powered LED lit “light sticks” for each K-Pop group and K-Pop idol.

But what are you supposed to do with these bulky, expensive glowing wands when you’re not lucky enough to be using it in support of your favorite artist at a concert (especially when your fave group decided not to include your city in their tour roster; I'm glaring at you GOT7)? If your light stick is on a shelf right now collecting dust, it’s time to change that ASAP! Here are eleven unique ways you can put your fan light to good use… until the next concert, of course.

1. Flashlight

Power outage? Camping in the woods at night? Looking for your keys in your oversized bag at 1 am? Dumpster diving at Walmart after sunset? No problem, as long as you have your light stick handy.

2. Weapon

Violence is never the answer, but sometimes it's necessary especially when the other person does not understand the meaning of NO! Why carry a pepper spray when you can simply use your light stick (GOT7’s JB seconds that and he should also come to Vancouver, just sayin'.) 

3. Room Decoration

Reduce, reuse, recycle. You don't have to spend your hard earned money on IKEA bedroom accessories when you can use your fandom stick to decorate your shelves or a bookcase. For extra ambiance effect, turn on the light.

4. Hailing a Cab

It's a well known fact that a taxi situation in Vancouver is a disaster (Uber where the heck are you?) Need to get a cab driver's attention? Whip out your light stick! He/she may even root for the same fandom!

5. Cool Proposal Idea

With all the sensational proposal videos put up on YouTube with million of views, the pressure is getting real and expectations are getting high. Buying a diamond ring and kneeling in front of the love of your life while professing your undying love won't cut it anymore. How about learning a K-Pop dance routine, singing some romantic K-Pop ballad all while holding a light stick containing the precious ring. Who can say no to that? I definitely can't.

6. Storage

Where are all my single peeps at? Do you have no one to propose to? Congrats! You just saved yourself tons of money (just look at those ring price tags and don't even get me started on the actual wedding expenses and all that jazz.) Safely store all your savings in your light stick and maybe 50 years from now, you'll be able to afford a one bedroom tree house somewhere outside of Vancouver.

7. Awesome Floral Creations

Back to our newly engaged couples! To make your wedding (K-)poppin' and special, add your light stick into a flower arrangement. Nothing says extra like a laser light coming out of your flower bouquet. Future bride, just make sure to take your fan light out of the flowers before throwing it into the crowd for other future brides to catch! You don't want to accidentally knock someone unconscious.

8. Fashion Accessory

Seoul, one of Asia’s leading fashion hubs, is the birthplace of K-fashion, which has global influence on everything from style to music. HIGHSNOBIETY went as far as labeling Seoul as one of the most important cities in fashion. You don't have to travel to South Korea to turn into a fashion icon. All you have to do is to style your outfit around your Korean (made in China) light stick and you surely will turn heads.

9. Getting Your Crush's Attention

Let's set a scene. Your crush is getting a burger in cafeteria. You've been eyeing each other for some time now and deep down in your heart you feel that now is your chance to get his/her attention. But how? Easy! Take the light stick out of your backpack, turn it on and start dancing while singing Boy With Luv. This will surely get you attention. If you want to keep it low key though, we suggest coming straight to your crush, putting on your cutest face and waving your light stick right in front of his/her face a couple of times. If he/she doesn't get the memo, well he/she is not the right one. Buh bye, next!

10. Phone Charger

Any other BIGBANG fans here? You’re in luck: YG has blessed V.I.Ps with this light stick that also works as a portable phone charger. You can bring it everywhere you go. How cool is that?

11. Victoria Day Soju Sunday

If none of the above points applies to you, this one surely will. Our Soju pal Aaron A. suggested to bring fan lights to the upcoming Soju Sunday that will be taking place on Victoria long day long weekend. And what a better way to celebrate British royalty than with the light stick aka scepter. To complete your royal look, we will be giving out a gold crown to everyone who will bring their light stick. Also our photographer John will be there to take your royal pic for you!

Are there any other uses for fan lights we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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