13 Fun Halloween K-Pop Inspired Costume Ideas

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Fashion, colourful hair and make-up have always been part of the K-Pop package and no one does it better than the multi-talented acts. Finding a K-Pop-inspired Halloween costume can be a bit daunting though and that'w why come to your rescue. No Halloween is perfect without dressing up as your favourite K-Pop idol. So, here’s a round-up of fun and easy Halloween costume ideas inspired by K-Pop idols that will surely stand you out from the crowd.

1. Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb”: The Goal Is To Be Distinguishable Only By Color

Red Velvet's Dumb Dumb offers so many themes you can go with: be it RV's take on Pippi Longstocking, pairing multicolored tights with shorts or those jeans that everyone was talking about. When Red Velvet was asked on the New Yang Nam Show about their most unique concept yet (among their string of crazy concepts), Wendy said “We promoted wearing jeans that were ripped from the thighs to the ankle […]  I thought something went wrong with our outfits. It was really unique.” Yup. Wendy knows what’s up! Red Velvet’s jeans from Dumb Dumb had fans wondering, for sure. Many, myself included, actually fell in love with these Red Velvet-esque jeans, and if you ere too scared to rock a pair, Halloween gives you a perfect opportunity to have some DIY fun with your old denim pants and scissors.

At first glance, it looks like the girls are wearing normal denim shorts. Upon closer inspections, however, you see their jeans are actually full-length in the back.

Shorts in the front, jeans in the back. What more versatility could you ask for?

2. f(x)'s "Red Light" Witches For All Wicked Witches Out There

This was the first time SM Entertainment’s experimental girl group took on a dark concept, making it the best (and newest) option for Halloween costumes. To tell you the truth, every look on f(x)’s Red Light music video could be a great costume (revolutionist? yes please!) But the most striking and memorable one is definitely the all black witch-like ensembles à la American Horror Story: Coven. Why be a sexy witch when you can be an editorial-yet-easy-to-wear one?

It doesn’t get more dramatic than the one eye lined, the eye-patch, or the porkpie hat. And bonus points if you include a burned book!

3. Girl's Generation's "Flower Power" Flight Attendants For Everyone Who Wants To Look Fly

Girls’ Generation are among the girl groups with the most iconic costumes. Sightings of fans cosplaying their Genie, Run Devil Run, or Mr. Taxi music videos are very common at K-Pop events. But one that is definitely pushes to the back burner (maybe because it’s a Japanese single?) are their flight attendant costumes for Flower Power.

Channel your inner Barbie with these futuristic stewardess costumes. Because if you’re going to wear a metallic dress, it may as well be on Halloween. But other than the dress, everything else about this costume would be toned down. The girls’ styling is very minimal while still being their signature feminine chic selves.

So if you’re going to be SNSD for Halloween, go for the less tried options.

4. Block B’s “HER” Because A Crew Of Grown Adults In Animal PJs Is Actually Quite Spooky

Mid-October is here. The temperature cuts in half. With Halloween quickly approaching, it's crunch time. If I'm being honest with myself, I'm personally feeling lil tired and lil lazy. And cold. Very cold. So I figure, the best way to essentially wear pajamas on Halloween without it seeming like a total cop-out, is to rock a onesie. Snuggly? Check. Warm? Check. Easy? Check. And because onesies are made in the form of just about any animal imaginable these days, the options are pretty vast. Plus social proof is there too. Block B, INFINITE, ASTRO, ZE:A, AOA, KNK, EXO, Dal Shabet, 2pm, ShiNee, GOT7, B1A4, Big Bang, Super Junior, BTOB, Amber and Onew all did it. If you are a low effort person who wants to keep warm, go look for that long-forgotten onesie.