16 Reasons To Wear A Onesie To The Upcoming Soju Sunday

Updated: May 12

O N E S I E S !

You know those fleece lined jumpsuits that one of your biases wore at least once? I am obsessed with them (read: obsessed with biases, obsessed with onesies and double obsessed with biases wearing onesies). There’s just something about this perfect 24/7 outfit that makes it ideal for those midday naps, K-Pop concerts, 3 am A&W trips and even a night out (yes, I am talking about tomorrow's Soju Sunday).

Here are 16 reasons why you should wear your onesie to Venue tomorrow!


It's a Canada Day long weekend! Everyone is going to be sporting red and white everything. There is absolutely nothing wrong with turning yourself into a living, breathing, dancing, shots downing (insert your favorite activity here) version of a Canadian flag but if you want to be a non-conformist while making a bold statement, then start looking for that long-forgotten onesie. Plus, if you want to stay in the Canadian colour code, you still can just like MJ from Astro.


Since the onesie is a one-piece, you don’t have to stress over what matching separates to pair it with. You will be literally dressed in seconds. Super convenient, eh?


Where are my Soju gals at? Do you know that feeling when you discover that that cute dress you just got has pockets? That’s what it feels like every time you wear a onesie. That’s right, no more begging your friends/strangers to hold your phone and makeup because these babies can handle it all.

Break free from all the dresses and body suits that never did you a damn favor. Onesies are designed for independence and you are one independent woman (plus you can stuff your pockets with tons of snacks you can munch on while commuting to/from Venue)!


It’s no secret that K-Pop idols are huge fans of the onesie trend – and rightly so. The onesies are both adorbs and fluffy. Besides, who can forget how good it feels when the soft fabric caresses your skin? At night, these fashionably inept uni-suits are indubitably the ultimate security blanket.


You only live once and you want to tell your kids one day that their mama/daddy was a complete K-Pop obsessed bad ass that rocked a onesie at a night club.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and again and again), everyone loves a good onesie. Everyone will want to know who's that cool cat or swell fella beneath all that fabric. It’s a great way to make some new friends and maybe even meet that special someone…