4 Female K-Pop Choreographers That Totally Slay

There are so many things that add to the colors of K-Pop, but for me personally the dances are a focal point. There's no better experience than when a group pairs an amazing bop with an equally amazing dance choreo that makes you want to move your body (and start contemplating on how to sell all your possessions and say goodbye to your family to start a new life in South Korea as a semi-professional dancer). No wonder many fans (myself included) want to know more about the choreographers.

When speaking of professional Korean choreographers, two prestigious dance studios come to my mind:

1Million, a dance studio/school in Seoul, South Korea is located in a very small corner of the Gangnam district. While unnoticed by many, as the building doesn't stand out at all from the rest off the dazzling district, the place is home to some super talented and legendary choreographers who get to pass down their skills to their students when they are not busy coming up with choreos for K-Pop artists such as Jay Park, Girl’s Generation, 2NE1, GOT7, HyunA + more. If an artist works with a dancer from 1 Million, you can count on some magic happening.

PREPIX, another famous dance studio/school is located on 3F, 8-13 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. PREPIX offers an array of dance genres from hip hop, fusion contemporary, house etc. taught by 32+ dance instructors. PREPIX is well known for working extensively with Jay Park along with NCT‘s Ten, Girls’ Generation HyoYeon and Hoya.

Here are a few female choreographers repping the dance schools mentioned above riding the K-Pop wave and making a splash in 2019. Some have been around for years, while some are newer to the scene.

JANE KIM | choreographer + dancer at VIVA DANCE & 1MILLION Dance Studio

Instagram: @janekim_viva YouTube: vivaglamgus

Jane Kim is a dancer, choreographer and trainer hailing from South Korea. She teaches choreos at 1Million Dance Studio as well as Viva Dance Studio.

Jane is one of my favorite choreographers in 1Million because she definitely stands out from the crowd. She focuses on making a dance suitable for more than one dancer so the dancers can easily follow the pace and dance in unison. One of my fave choreos from Jane, posted below, kinda reflects that fact. I also adore her positive attitude.

SIMEEZ | Chungha's & Heize's personal choreographer + dancer at PREPIX Dance Studio

Instagram: @_simeez

Another South Korean dancer you should definitely keep an eye on is a member of the PREPIX crew and an instructor at PREPIX Dance Studio, Simeez. Simeez has worked closely with K-Pop artists such as Heize, Chungha and Jennie from BLACKPINK. Simeez choreographed and directed Chungha's MV for (벌써 12 시) Gotta go, 2018 Hongkong MAMA choreo for Heize and Chungha, Jennie's hit Solo and Boa's Amor. Her choreohraphy for Ciara's banger Level Up had me fangirling throughout the whole MV (which I played at least 50 times at this point). It's pure sex appeal and fire!!! 👅✨🔥

SORI NA | choreographer at 1MILLION Dance Studio

Instagram: @sorinaxx

YouTube: Sori Na

Another outstanding choreographer who's held dance workshops in the US and also here in Vancouver with Soju Events along with a fellow 1MILLION choreographer Bong Young is the ever flawless Sori Na.