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5 Little Known Facts About Lilimar Hernandez

I am not going to lie. When Alex from KDA Agency – a Seoul-based talent agency representing the best K-Pop and Korean urban dancers, reached out to me with awesome news that Lilimar Hernandez would be joining the Summer K-Dance Camp aka a South Korean heaven for dancers of all levels and ages, my first thought was:


So I started doing some research, did some Google-ing, pulled out some articles, binge watch some YouTube videos and then couple hours later...

... I was in love!!!

Lilimar is the sweetest person out there and I wish she was that little sister I always wanted to find under the Christmas tree when I was a kid.

If you go on a quick Google stroll just like I did, you'll find that: Lilimar is a 19-year old American actress known for her roles as Sophie in 2015 Nickelodeon television series Bella and the Bulldogs and as Sage in the 2018 Nickelodeon television series Knight Squad.

That sounds interesting but not very relatable (unless you are a big Bella and the Bulldogs and/or Knight Squad fan) so I did some more digging and got these 5 little known facts + 1 bonus one!!! Are you ready fam?

LITTLE KNOWN FACT 1: Lilimar doesn't have any pets but she does have 12+ stuffed animals which she loves very much. 😍😍😍

LITTLE KNOWN FACT 2: Lilimar got various nicknames such as Lili, Mar, Mar-Mar, Lilita (that's what her mom's call her). In second grade most call Lilimar 'Evil Little Girl' for some reason. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

LITTLE KNOWN FACT 3: Lili is obsessed with the cheesy fish crackers which she dips into a ranch. It may sound like a weird combo to some but hey you do you girl! I personally love dipping my OREO cookies in orange juice so no judgment there. 🐟🧀🤤

LITTLE KNOWN FACT 4: She has a weird habit of tracing her nails all the time. 💅💅💅

I thought I was the only one doing that!!! To top the whole nail game, I also started my nail biting career when I was 4 after I saw my dad doing it. Thanks dad!!!

LITTLE KNOWN FACT 5: Lilita sleeps with only one fluffy pillow and right next to it is her BTS pillow for cuddling purposes. Lilimar loves BTS but who doesn't right? Where my BTS army at? 👀👀👀

BONUS FACT: Lilimar is clearly into K-Pop and on top of that is also a great dancer and she got some Instagram Stories to prove it!!! 💃💃💃

You can meet Lilimar (and some of the best dancers in the world) in less than 3 weeks. For more info on why, when and how head here.

CREDIT: Images via Google Images + We Heart It Facts taken from this YouTube video + Wikipedia Videos via Lilimar's Instagram Stories

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