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5 Solo Idols Killing it this Summer!

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Disclaimer: This ranking was based on total of views of each one of the music videos compared to the date of release.

Hola Amigos!

This time I’m coming at you with our top 5 soloists that are killing it this summer. These recent releases are full of happiness and energy that’s really got us pumping this summer. Not to mention, the MVs got us feeling all kinds of ways. Without further ado, drumroll please!

5. Jay Park

Can we really talk about soloists without talking about the man himself? Starting off our list we have everyone’s favourite idol turned soloist. He’s been killing it this summer with his new album Ask About Me. Since the first single Soju came out, he’s been unstoppable. His recent release Yacht is what lands him a spot on our list. It’s got that super chill lay-down-on-the-beach vibe going; perfect for these summer days. It’s a versatile ballad that you can listen to anywhere - from the beach to your car to the club or even while working out. Did we mention, the aesthetics of the music video are extremely pleasing - like watching him half naked while on a yacht wasn’t enough, he’s also rocking a flower crown at one point. Daaamn boy!

4. Hyolyn

My personal favourite, Hyolyn reaches number 4 with her recent title track See Sea. Former member and leader of SISTAR, Hyolyn opened her own production company, Brid3, after the girl group disbanded last year with the end of their contracts at Starship. She named her company Bridge to symbolise a bridge between public and all forms of music productions. Hyolyn’s most recent single See Sea, a super catchy and summery song, reminds us who’s the real summer queen and our favourite goddess among them all. And let’s be real, is it truly summer without a release from the queen of summer hits? The MV showcases Hyolyn with four background dancers breaking the scenography with perfect choreography. Way to go gurl!!!

3. Chung Ha

Coming in fourth place Produce 101 and a member of the now disbanded girl group I.O.I., Chung Ha not wasting any time with her solo career. From the start, she has proven to be a strong artist in her own right. Her recent single Love U scored more than 5M views in the first three weeks. With its tropical house beat and catchy lyrics accompanying the aesthetics of the MV and killer choreography, we have to agree that Chung Ha is continuing to make a name for herself after her I.O.I days. We’re excited to see what else she has to bring in the future! We have one question though: what’s up with that pineapple in the pool?

2. Jessi

Oh Jessi, why did you do this to us? If there was anyone that knows how to be sexy, it’s definitely Jessi. Have you seen her in her latest video? As a Korean-American singer, rapper and dancer, she’s never been afraid to push the limits and break boundaries. She’s coming back this time with Down - her summer single that’s literal fire. Every time we hear the song or watch the MV we’re shook - the choreography is screams sexy and not to mention Jessi kills it every time.

1. Seungri

It’s not a true list on K-pop if one Big Bang member isn’t mentioned. Easily considered one of the kings of K-pop, they are amazing at everything they do (did you all see how Taeyang set a new bar for marriage). This time the attention goes to Seungri for his highly anticipated first full solo album. His title track 1,2,3 is making everyone dance to it with its cheerful beat and guitar sounds. It definitely giving us those happy, summer feels. The music video is packed with charisma and charm as it’s got that 50’s vibe going and pays tribute to the ever popular film Grease. Seungri sings that when he reaches 3, we will all fall in love with him. Baby, you got us at one!

Hope you like it Fam!

Love you all, Besos!


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