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Dark Concepts with Dreamcatcher

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Hey Soju fam,

One thing you rarely see in K-Pop is a group that has a dark concept. I am obsessed with these concepts because there are so few of them and they are usually very unique to each group. A group that comes to mind that does this so well is VIXX but my favourite group with a dark concept has to be Dreamcatcher. Since it is almost Halloween I thought I would show you why Dreamcatcher is so amazing at conveying their dark concept.

First here is a little information about the group in case you don't know them

Group Name: Dreamcatcher

Number of members: 7

Debut date: January 13th 2017

Debut single: Chase Me

One of the great things about dream catcher is their chilling music videos. They are all beautifully made with great music and scary story lines. The music video for Chase Me follows a man that seems to be having a paranormal experience that sends chills down my spine but is still so captivating and interesting to watch.

Dreamcatcher is also known for their unique rock sound that is not very popular with K-Pop Idol groups. The rock music adds to their dark concept by adding dramatic effect to their music videos.

The music video for Fly High is probably my favourite for many reasons. The song is amazing and the choreography is so clean and intricate. watching the music video also feels like watching a thriller movie.

Another way that Dreamcatcher portrays their horror concept is through their choreography. Their choreographies are so different from many Idol girl groups. When you watch their dance practices you can tell that their choreography is an important part of the story they want to tell.

One of my favourite things about Dreamcatcher is their concept photos. They are always so beautiful and get you excited for their comeback. These are some of my favourite concept photos because they not only showcases their dark concept but they also visually portray the rock sound that their music has.

The last way that I feel Dreamcatcher embodies their concept is probably the most interesting for me. As someone that loves all things fashion I love to see how groups portray their concepts through fashion. Dreamcatcher is one of the groups that always do that perfectly. Their fashion is out of this world and I love how well it fits into the story they are telling. Here are few examples of how their outfits help in portraying their amazing concept.

The dark makeup and clothing and even the way that their hair is styles is all part of the darkness and thrilling nature of their concept. Even the outfits for their performances always leave me in awe because of how well they suit the song , choreography and concept. Shout out to their stylist for being amazing.

Since it's Halloween season, you should check out Dreamcatcher if you haven't already. Their concept is so different and is so intriguing and fits the season perfectly. They are also a well rounded group where everything from their music videos to their fashion showcase their concept in different ways.

Other than having a fun concept and being absolutely talented the girls have amazing and lovable personalities that make them such a great group.

Here is one more music video because you can never get enough of them:



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