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Disbanded Girl Groups We Still Love

Hey Soju fam!

This week we got the news that Pristin had disbanded and the first thing I thought was: "Oh no! Not another amazing girl group!" The industry isn’t really forgiving to girl bands and because of that we have lost so many amazing formations. Here is a list of some of my favourite disbanded girl groups.

1. 2ne1

I would be lying if I said I was a full on Blackjack because 2ne1's music wasn’t really my style. But, I would also be lying if I didn’t say that they were and still are a legendary group in the K-Pop industry. These four talented ladies really paved the way for some of our favourite girl bands we adore today, especially BLACKPINK, and you can’t deny that I Am The Best is one of the best K-Pop songs ever made and one of my favourite songs ever.

2. Sistar

Sistar is my forever girl group for so many reasons. They had such amazing summer bops, a fun and sexy concept and not to mention they had such a great chemistry with each other. It's one of the only groups where I love each of the members equally. Songs like Shake it and Touch My Body will forever make summer amazing and even though they are off doing their own solo projects now they will always hold a special place in K-Pop history.

3. 4Minute

4Minute is one of those groups I wish I knew before they disbanded. 4Minute had something special that you can’t find with any other girl group and their legacy continues to live on through CLC and (G)-Idle.

4. Pristin

This one hurts a little bit because Pristin didn’t even get a proper chance to show everyone how amazing they are. Some of the members went to Produce 101, some of them debuted in I.O.I. Then they became Pledis Girls only to finally debuting as Pristin. These girls proved over and over again how talented they were. I hope all the members get to show their amazing talents in the near future.

5. Wonder Girls

Another group I wish I had discovered before their Why So Lonely song. All the members are extremely talented and they have some of the best discographies in K-Pop. These ladies will always be remembered for their great songs. Also Why So Lonely made the list of my favourite songs of all time.

There are so many great girl groups that I didn't mention that were just as amazing as these five groups that paved the way for all the female K-Pop bands that we know and love now. Even though we don’t have these girl groups any more, they live on through their music and their fans who continue to support them. And there’s nothing more exciting than seeing these groups hang out with each other.

Happy 10th Anniversary 2ne1!!!



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