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Everything You Need To Know About Hoody (후디)

Hey guys,

If you haven't heard already, Jay Park is coming to Vancouver this Sunday and a few days ago it was announced that he was bringing a special guest.

As you can probably tell, that special guest is AOMG's very own first lady Hoody Kim. This post has everything you need to know about Hoody to get you ready for Sunday.

Kim Hyung Jung, better known by her stage name Hoody, is a South Korean RnB singer who first got her start in music in 2013 as a member of the group Amourette. A few years later she signed to AOMG becoming the first female artist to sign to a South Korean record label.

Hoody's first EP On and On was released in 2016 and featured amazing artists like Dok2 and Jay Park.

Hoody is mostly known for songs such as By Your Side, Like You and Hangang and she was also featured on songs like Me Like Yuh and All I Wanna Do with Jay Park.

Her latest album Departure was released towards the end of October and I must say there is no bad song on it (maybe I'm biased because I love her)!

Hoody is probably in my top 5 favourite artists of all time because of her unique style. She has an amazing RnB vibe but mixes in a little bit of hip hip which makes her sound special. Her voice is also unique and not a lot of people I know can sing in the same style and range as her. My favourite Hoody song is probably Good and Evil from her new album but Hangang is a very close second.

Her new music video for the song Adios featuring Gray 💕

Be sure to check out Hoody's new album and give her some love because she truly is talented and one of the best artists out there at the moment!

I hope to see you all at the concert on Sunday!



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