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Favourite Moments from REDMARE in Vancouver

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Hey Soju fam,

as I write this I am suffering from serious post concert depression. It has been a week since Red Velvet came to Vancouver and snatched the wigs right off of our heads. Today I am going to break down my favourite moments from the concert and why I loved them so much.

The Pre-Concert Festivities

If you went to line up early then you would have witnessed all the excitement that was happening. People were playing music and dancing, filming videos, handing out banners and selling light sticks. When we all went into the concert hall, people started singing along to the music and waving their light sticks. I felt the love for Red Velvet in the room.

Sadly I don't know the names of some of the people that danced while we waited in line so here is my favourite Red Velvet dance cover.

The Start of the Concert

The girls got on stage and started the show with a giant bang! They began with Russian Roulette and Power up and had so much energy. They sang and danced they hearts away in the first part of the show and really made me excited for what was to come throug out the night. I also loved the girl scout themed outfits that were also in the Power Up music video.


Yeri has been through a lot the last few years and has always had to prove herself since her debut. She proved herself the whole way through the concert. She had so much charisma, stage presence and was so cute when she spoke in English. She put in her all in that performance and my eyes kept on drawing in her. To me she really stood out from the rest and made the stage her own while also supporting her other members.

The Jungle Concept

Everything about this concept was perfect. As someone that loves fashion, I was obsessed with their animal/jungle themed outfits. I enjoyed the VCR and loved that the story from the VCR continued on stage. I think that they told the story well and matched it to the songs for that segment which were songs like Happiness, Zoo and Mr E.

The Scary VCR

Even though I would like to be like Joy and say that I wasn't scared I have to admit that the VCR did scare me. Thank you SM for scaring us all and making the crowd scream through out the whole VCR. I loved how this VCR was different to the ones before. The earlier ones were colourful and a little more light hearted which matched well with the Red concept songs. This VCR was a perfect way to transition into the more velvet part of the concert.


I prefer Red Velvets velvet songs and albums so I was waiting for them to perform Peak-a-boo and Bad Boy. They also performed the English version of RBB and I didn't know how much I needed to see the English version performed live until I saw that


Irene Was in on it the Whole Time

Recently I watched a video by KPOP Junkee on YouTube that explained that Irene was doing something to the other members in the Power Up MV. One of the last VCRs at the concert showed that Irene was in on all the bad things that had been happening to the girls the whole time. I found it interesting that they revealed what Irene was up to and I hope they tell more of the story in future comebacks. Here is the KPOP Junkee video to show you the theory.


Wendy celebrated her birthday with Vancouver ReVeluvs and it was truly special. The love for Wendy was shown through out the concert and I am glad that Vancouver ReVeluvs were able to give her a birthday that she would never forget. The banner project during moonlight was so beautiful and almost made me cry. Shout out to all the people that showed their love for Wendy and all the members and to the people that organised the banner project.

Redmare is the best concert I have ever gone to. Everything about that concert was special and I am so glad I got to experience it with everyone else who went in all the cities. Also a quick shout out to Maddie, our amazing instagram queen (and her friend), who took some of the amazing photos that I used in this post.

I am going to leave you with two of my favourite RV songs for you to enjoy.

XO Fadzi

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Denise D
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