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Sik-K's Fl1p Tour in Vancouver Experience

If you love K-hip hop like me then you would know that Sik-K brought his Fl1p tour to Vancouver a few weekends ago and I happened to go. This post will basically be me fangirling about H1gher music and talking about my experience at the concert. I'll be also sharing some of my fave songs that were played at the concert to make you feel like you were there too.

There were many aspects that I loved about the concert but one of the first things that I was absolutely crazy about were the people that were in attendance. I went alone but honestly the concert goers that stood near me in line were so nice and made me feel instantly included. I made some amazing new friends and I had such a great time getting to know all the people that were lined up with me.

Avatar Darko opened the show and performed a few of his songs. I knew he was signed to Higher music but I hadn't listened to any of his music before. His energy was beyond catchy and he knew how to get the crowd pumped and he made me look forward to listening to more of his music. He is definitely someone I would recommend checking out if you are into hip hop music.

DJ Sumit then did his thing on the turn tables and played all the songs that are popular right now. He really knew how to get the crowd excited for Sik-K to come out and perform. My favourite moment was when he played Old Town Road because who does not love Old Town Road!

When Sik-K made it to the stage the crowd was already super excited. Here's a list of the three things that I loved the most about his performance and the show overall.

1) Sik-K's Energy

He ran up and down the stage throughout his whole performance without skipping a single beat. He kept the same high energy from the beginning of the show making sure that he was giving love and attention to all the people in the room. He was also able to perform all his songs with stability and sounded so good despite all the running around.

2) The Songs Sik-K Performed

He performed almost every song on his new album which was really exciting because it is such a good album. I like that he focused on the songs from his most recent album since they were the songs that were the most fresh in our minds.

3) The Overall Feel of the Show

I've been to many concerts and I loved how relaxed this one was. The performers seemed relaxed and comfortable on stage and that made me and others in the audience feel the same way. Despite being tired from standing in line all day, I was able to enjoy every minute of the concert because of how amazing the performers were.

The Fl1p tour in Vancouver was honestly an amazing experience. Sik-K and DJ Sumit really put on a great show and I am glad that I got to see Haon live as well. I am also happy that I got introduced to Avatar Darko because he really is an amazing artist.

What was your favourite part of the show if you went?



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