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Halloween Inspired K-Pop MVs

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Hola amigos,

Happy and spooky Halloween y’all! In this blog we are about to trick or treat you to our top six Halloween-inspired K-Pop videos of all time and I stress ‘of all time’ as we are about to give you a throwback with the following Halloween K-Pop gems.

6. Twice - TT

Twice will always be Twice. It is impossible to erase that innocence from those angelic faces, even during Halloween. Their presence is just too beautiful and pure for them to pull of truly scary Halloween look. TT music video from 2016 shows all of them wearing different costumes inside a haunted house. The song has an upbeat rhythm with unforgettable choreography. We just dig each one of them and can’t wait to try those moves in action on Wednesday at MIA nightclub.

5. Shinee - Married to the Music

In one of our favourite songs, Shinee starts this MV with a line “marriage is a slow death” and we gotta give them thumbs up for that one for sure. LOL. In this music video the OG 5 are being enchanted and mutilated at a house party. Married to the Music is yet another upbeat song that just prompts you to move your body and enjoy the “marriage” with their music. The spooky special effects are kinda funny at the same time but they definitely deliver that Halloween vibe we were looking for. Their impeccable work never disappoints us and that’s why we love them so much.

4. Sunmi - Full Moon

Sunmi will always be a symbol of empowerment and she is very much aware of that. In the Full Moon video she keeps a man captive in her room which brings in some Sweeney Todd scenography features. Sunmi plays a hot vampire. Add sexy moves to some sexy beats on top of Little Red Riding Hood vibes and you get a perfect Halloween music mixed with fire. Sunmi will never stop surprising us with all her work; this one is definitely one of her best music attempts before Gashima. It’s definitely worth watching and listening to to get into the proper Halloween mood.

3. BTOB - Thriller

BTOB’s Thriller is one of those songs that were produced during K-Pop era when hair, makeup and dress in all boys groups looked very similar and most of MVs had dark feel. For this reason it was difficult to choose one MV for this Top 6 Halloween list. BTOB knew how to do it properly with this 2013 release and that’s why they earned a third place. Cemeteries, skulls and fog everywhere is the main theme in this chilly MV. The song is a classic full of strong vocals and impeccable rap. We love (trick or) treating ourselves to some classics every now and then.

2. Big Bang - Monster

I’d like to believe that Monster song and the entire Monster album was a breakthrough for Big Bang, separating two different eras, the Haru Haru from the Bang Bang Bang. BB is always going to be big; I haven’t met a single person so far that doesn’t like at least one of their songs. Their music is not only a classic, but they are somewhat of the legends at this point. Monster made it to our personal Top 6 chart because of how well it does the job of turning the members into different monsters. Even though they keep reminding us they are no monsters, these guys ain’t fooling anyone as they are true monsters of K-Pop. WE WANT MORE BIG BANG PLEASE.

1. Vixx - Voodoo Doll

This 2013 release from Vixx is part of their dark concept and we loved each one of those singles. The MV is just spectacular and very well done. The six members are held captive by a woman who is controlling them with her voodoo magic. The effects and makeup are on point and same goes for choreography. The song is a Vixx classic packed with easy to dance melodies. Vixx is number one in this Top 6 because of all the hard work (that clearly paid off) they put into this music video! Hats off!!! Well done guys!!!

I hope you guys liked our Top 6 list of Halloween inspired music videos and are ready to party with us the best way there is to party - Soju style - at our very first Halloween edition of Soju Sunday at MIA in Gastown. See you guys tonight!


Jorge AO

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