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It's 11:11

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

11th of November is the day we celebrate remembrance day in Canada and Korea celebrates Pepero Day. This weekend is our Pepero Soju Sunday and I decided to share all things Pepero in this post.

First of all, Pepero is a snack made by Lotte that is coated in chocolate and comes in many different flavours like almond and strawberry. My personal favourite flavour is the almond flavour. Pepero day is celebrated on 11th November (11:11) because Pepero is shaped the same as the number 1. Friends and loved ones exchange Pepero on Pepero day or things related to it like Pepero shaped pillows. Even though there has been a lot of controversy around the holiday, many people still celebrate it in many different ways.

Despite being crunchy, chocolate-y and all round delicious, Pepero is also the symbol of many of our favourite things. They are the official gift for Pepero Day and they are at the centre of many peoples' favourite game, the Pepero game. Here are some of my favourite Pepero game moments.

Here is a video with all the Pepero game moments you need to see from all of your favourite K-Pop groups.

This Sunday be sure to buy loads of Pepero for your loved ones and come celebrate with us at Pepero Soju Sunday.



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