K-Pop in Vancouver: K-City

Hey guys!

Today's post covers yet another interview with one of Vancouver's biggest dance cover groups, K-City! This interview was probably my favourite because K-City's energy is out of this world!


Group Name: K-City

Members (from left to right): Nina, Aidan, Subyn, Zoe (Ben, Jennifer and Carmen are also part of K-City but were not present during the interview)

First Cover: Girl's Generation – Mr. Mr.

First Cover on YouTube: Red Velvet – Happiness

Latest Cover: Blackpink – Kill This Love

The ladies of K-City met in 2013 at a dance concert called Feel Korea and decided to get together and start a dance cover group. Not long after that they met Ben through the K-Pop dance community in Vancouver who introduced them to Aidan. Ben and Aidan were part of a Chinese dance group and that is how they got to know each other.

Every time I interview a group, I'm curious to see what they love the most about doing dance covers and I always get fun answers. Nina talked about seeing the final product after all the work that goes in behind the scenes of making a dance cover. She also spoke about loving seeing what people have to say about the finished product whether it is good or bad. Zoe's favourite part is embracing dance cover culture as a part of the bigger landscape of K-Pop culture and working alongside artists to promote their music. Aidan talked about being a third party in K-Pop where the groups need fans and dance cover groups to support their comebacks but also that dance cover groups wouldn't exist if the groups didn't release any music and the fans didn't support the covers too.

My favourite question to ask is always how the groups choose who dances what part. K-City mentioned that they were not picky about parts unless one person has a specific group member that they want to dance as. Sometimes, they will look at the vibe of the song and dance and match it to the K-City members' vibes too. Zoe usually gets the tallest member because she's one of the tallest from the group.

I asked each of them to tell me about their favourite covers and here are their answers:

Aidan: Mic Drop – BTS (Christmas version) because it was fun and they got to collab with Legacy. He was also going through a hard time when they filmed it and it was something fun to look back on.

Zoe: (G)I-DLE – Latata because everything came out so well and she looked like a sriracha bottle with green hair and a red outfit. (Fun fact about this cover: some of the footage got corrupted so the final product consisted of the footage that they managed to save). Zoe also chose Blackpink's Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du.

Nina: Blackpink – Forever Young because although it was a pubic cover, they tried to shoot it like an official cover and the scenery made the video look so beautiful.

Subyn: The Boyz – Boy. She took the lead in this one because one of he close friends (Kevin Moon) from high school debuted in the group so she interviewed some of their high school friends to help congratulate them on their debut and to help promote the song. The reaction from their fans was also really positive. (Fun fact: Subyn was really upset with Aidan because he was late for the filming.)