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K-Pop in Vancouver: Everald

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Hey Soju fam,

If you are like me then you can spend hours watching K-Pop dance covers on Youtube. One of my favourite dance cover groups from Vancouver is none other than Everald. I was lucky enough to hang out with them for a bit and get to know them a little better and I thought I would share my experience with you today.

Group Name: Everald

Members' Names: Elise, Wendy, Ria, Seulbi

Debut: 2014

First Ever Cover: EXID – Ah Yeah

Latest Cover: ITZY – Dalla Dalla

YouTube Channel:

One of the things I always wondered about was how they came up with the name Everald because it is so unique. The response I got was pretty interesting and made me appreciate the name even more. One of their first covers was Happiness by Red Velvet and so they knew that they wanted to relate their name to the group and the song. Their team also became official in August and they mistakenly thought that Emerald was the gem for August. Even though the gem didn't represent August, they ran with it anyway. The M in emerald was replaced with a V which stands for Victory as well as clover which is how they related their name back to Red Velvet and happiness. To Everald, the name represents friends coming together and being victorious and happy.

Another thing I always wondered about was how dance cover groups choose who will dance as which member. When I asked them they said that within their group they had assigned positions like Wendy and Ria being centres and Wendy being the main dancer. This makes it easy because then they just cover the member that best suits their position.

I also asked each of the members what their fave dance covers were. I'll just link them all for you to go and watch.

Vancouver dance cover groups also do a lot of collabs with each other which makes the dance cover community here even more tight knit. When I asked Everald what their favourite collabs were they said Save Me Save You by WJSN with Pawiberry and Peachy Heart (stan P.E.P). Another collab they loved was KARD's Knocking On My Heaven's Door.

I cannot dance to save my life and one thing I was always curious about is what the best part of filming dance covers is. The girls told me that their favourite things about doing dance covers was the filming, getting ready and trying on different clothes and outfits that they never thought they would wear. They also talked about how it made shopping more fun because they could explore fashion more and find stuff to wear in their videos.

Lastly I asked them about the ever so popular K-Pop in public challenge. They hated filming it at first but as you can see from their videos they are truly amazing at it.

I had such a great time talking to these girls and hope you had a great time reading this post. Please make sure you check Everald out if you haven't already and be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel so they can hit 11k!

Also special thank you to the amazing photographer Mubanga who helped me and took all the amazing pictures in this post. Be sure to check him out.



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