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K-Pop in Vancouver: Panwiberry SFU

Updated: Dec 22, 2019


Group Name: Panwiberry

Number of Members: 15

Latest Cover: Icy by ITZY

Members (from left to right): Gabriel, Suzie, Alyssa, T, Jaqueline, Ashley

Today's post is dedicated to SFU's very own Panwiberry. I had so much fun hanging out with them and I must say this is the most I've laughed throughout all of my interviews.

When I sat down with Panwiberry there was one thing that I knew I had to ask for sure and that was how they came up with their name. It is so unique and unlike any other name I have heard before. Their name came from the four fruits that the four founding members of the group liked. The P is from peach, AN is from mango, WI is from kiwi and berry is from strawberry. Put the fruits together and you get Panwiberry.

Panwiberry was started by a group of friends who wanted to do dance covers together and as the time went on, they held auditions and that is how members like Ashley, Suzie, T, Gabriel and Alyssa eventually joined the group.

I was curious to know how they felt about filming everyone's favourite public covers. They expressed that they are a bit nervous at first but once they start dancing they have so much fun with it that they forget about the stress. They also love getting reactions from people passing by on the street.

I asked Panwiberry what they thought made them stand out from the rest and they told me how much effort they put into making their videos more creative. Ashley as well as other members put in a lot of effort into the video editing and post-production to make their videos look and feel unique.

People can always look forward to some cool edits in their videos and one thing I especially love about Panwiberry's vids is how they play with colour grading.

As you can probably guess by now I also asked the members what their favourite covers were and why.

Alyssa chose Under Cover by A.C.E because she got to learn more about A.C.E that way. Since the dance was so challenging, she also got to improve her dancing skills. Alyssa also loved how the video was edited so it resembled a music video.

Ashley chose Under Cover because she considers this cover her baby and put a lot of effort into making the video look like a music video through the shooting and editing.

T chose Boy With Luv by BTS because it was her first cover.

Gabriel chose Good Evening by SHINee because the dance requires a lot of emotion along with the choreography. She also liked how the the video turned out after all the edits. She also liked Shoot Out by MONSTA X because it was shown on the show TMI news on MNET which made it extra special.

Suzie chose Honey by JYP because all of Panwiberry's members got together for the cover and it was really fun for all of them to dance together.

Jacqueline chose La Vie en Rose by IZ*ONE because like Honey most of the members were a part of the cover and she also liked the creative elements in the editing. They also all agreed that it was fun to film because they got such a large audience.

An honorable mention that was chosen by some of the members was Wow Thing because it took so long for them to film and they loved how it turned out in the end (this is one of my personal favourites too).

When asked what they loved most about doing dance covers they talked about friendship. Having people to hang out with every week and do something you love along the way is what they enjoy most. As I previously mentioned Panwiberry crew also loves that they get to put their creativity to use and try new things while filming and editing.

For their least favourite covers Alyssa chose No by CLC because she feels like she made a few mistakes and it was her very first cover.

Ashley Chose Fake Love by BTS because they only practiced a few times beforehand and the night before they had a night market performance which made them really tired.

Gabriel chose Solo by JENNIE because they did the cover when she was really busy so she didn't feel like she practiced enough. Also since the main focus was on her she felt that she had to put in more emotion which she wasn't able to do.

Suzie chose Peek-A-Boo by Red Velvet because she got a lot of negative comments from people.

Jacqueline chose Hate by 4MINUTE because she felt that they were so awkward on camera and that song requires a lot of facial expressions. They ended up deleting the video because they disliked it so much.

Hanging out with Panwiberry was a lot of fun. The girls are so full of energy and super funny. You can tell that they have amazing chemistry and are constantly encouraging and supporting each other. Their team dynamic reminds me of a big crazy family and they make sure to always put friendship first. I loved that they were so confident about themselves and their group and are always striving to grow and be better.

If you haven't checked out Panwiberry yet you should do so now. They put a lot of effort into their videos and it definitely shows. Be sure to follow them on Instagram, like their Facebook page and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Big shout out to Darius for taking these beautiful photos.

Wishing you all Merry Christmas and a happy new Year!



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