K-Pop In Vancouver: UBC K-Wave

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Group Name: UBC K-Wave

Number of members in the dance team: 16

Members (from left to right): Su Yu, Ashley, Jen, Alice and Sylvia

Co-captains: Ashley and Sylvia

Latest Cover: ITZY, (G)- DLE, A.C.E Mix

Hey Soju fam,

For today's post I'm super excited to share my interview with one of the first dance cover groups I ever stumbled upon. I was so happy to get a chance to speak with them and get to learn a little bit more about them and their journey as both K-Pop fans as well as dancers.

UBC K-Wave was founded in spring of 2012 and the dance team was formed in the fall of the same year. The dance cover group was founded by a group of friends who were part of the same club and decided that they wanted to do dance covers.

The dance cover group doesn't have much of a political system but Ashley and Sylvia are the current co-captains of K-Wave. They both work together with the club executives which comes super handy as this allows them to organize dance related events and get rooms booked around UBC for them to practice.

The cool thing about UBC K-Wave is that this group is not just centered around K-Pop. The club explores different forms of Korean popular culture like dramas and variety shows. They offer many different events throughout the year like ice breakers, trivia nights and their annual Running Man event which is the most popular one.

K-Wave's dance team decided to officially start uploading their dance covers onto YouTube last year when they had some free time after not being able to compete in a contest. The members are pretty active in the Vancouver K-Pop dance scene with lots of members dropping into other cover groups videos; for exaple you can find Su Yu in Yours Truly's new cover of Fear by Seventeen.

If you've been following up with our K-Pop in Vancouver interviews then you know that I always ask two questions and the first one is what each member's favourite dance cover is.

Jen chose Kaleidoscope's Cat and Dog because they were all around the same age and the cover was fun to film.

Su Yu picked Save Me Save You by WJSN because it was his first time filming a video.

Sylvia went for Fancy by Twice which was a collab with Yours Truly.