MAMA 2018 Recap

This years MAMA awards was nothing short of amazing. With the premier of MAMA in Korea as well as the return of MAMA Japan and Hong Kong, there was so much to look forward to. Even though we missed artists from YG and SM entertainment, the groups that did attend and perform put on one hell of a great show. I'm going to break down some of my favourite performances from the show in order.

8. Monsta X

Monsta X always delivers powerful performances while making them look effortless and easy. They are amazing at what they do and make you love them more and more every time.


These girls came and showed what the next generation of the Produce series groups was going to deliver next year. They performed at all three shows and delivered something different every time. On top of their fantastic performances they won some amazing awards. I am definitely a fan of theirs now.

6. Heize X Chungha X Sunmi

These girls came to show us why they are as popular as they are. They gave us vocals, amazing dancing and overall girl power. I loved that they put these three together and that they played off of each other's performances perfectly. Heize gave us soul, Chungha gave us sass and Sunmi gave us star power. All three of them showcased their talents and strengths and proved what a great year 2018 was for them.

5. Twice

Twice took us on the greatest Twice show experience at the Japan show and I loved everything about the performance. They delivered something that only Twice could in the best way possible. I loved that they took us on a journey of all their comebacks this year and it makes me excited for the comebacks to come in the future.

4. BTS

As a BTS fan I was waiting for them to perform for both the Japan and Hong Kong show. Their performance in Japan was so fun and engaging and showed off their fun playful personalities. The Hong Kong show was more serious bringing the Love Yourself era to an end through a powerful performance. BTS has had an amazing year and through all their hardships they were able to pull through each time to inspire and entertain us all.