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NCT: A Beginner's Guide to Finally End Your Confusion

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Hola Amigos!!

If you have been checking the music charts recently then you probably came across NCT and/or any of their different sub-units. I know, it's pretty confusing and since so many people are still confused, even after many years of NCT releasing their perfect put-together tracks, I made it my duty to finally make it clear once and for all.

So, here we go: welcome to a beginner's guide to NCT and its different units.

Let's Start with the Basics

NCT is short for Neo Culture Technology and it's a K-Pop group under the direction of SM Entertainment (you guys already know how biased I am towards SM #sorrynotsorry). The main purpose of this project as its name already gives away is to be a band with different personalities, cultures and locations around the globe. NCT set out on an ambitious mission to be popular everywhere while satisfying different tastes of different people.

That's the main reason behind all those various sub-units and the ones that are yet to come. To break it in a simple way, currently there are three sub-units that have been debuting at different times. Then we have a forth one that is no longer active (as far as we know) and the future ones that are yet to debut.

NCT U. Members of NCT U are taken from the main 18 and are assigned songs depending on their talents. For example if the track has lots of rapping in it, Taeyong and Mark will definitely be in it or if the song comes with a dancing beat, you bet Ten is going to be on it for sure. NCT U can be any of the 18 members or all of them at the same time. This sub-unit debuted in April 2016 with the song The 7th Sense.

NCT Dream. Every member that's 19 years or younger can become part of this sub-unit. With that said, once they turn 19 they "graduate" from the group and become part of other units (if they already weren't part of them to begin with). And what does happen when all members eventually turn 19? If you think this unit will terminate its successful activities you are deadly wrong. All it takes is for SM to recruit more members. Fantastic eh? NCT Dream debuted in August 2016 with the banger Chewing Gum.

NCT 127. This unit represents Seoul and the 127 in its name means the longitudinal coordinate (damn that was mouthful) of the city. Brilliant! This one is the only unit to not be rotating its members, although since their debut, they have been adding more guys into its set line up. Current members are: Johnny, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Taeil, Yuta, Winwin, Mark, Haechan and Jungwoo. NCT 127 debuted in July 2016 with a bop Fire Truck.

During 2018 the 18 members that are part of NCT got to perform as a whole with the sub-unit NCT 2018 (no longer active as far as we know). They released the album called Empathy with songs produced by different units I covered above. The below MV is for their song Black on Black which I would like to recognize and give huge props to for the incredible performance carried out by these super talented artists.

There is so much more to say about NCT to be honest but we can't wait for the different units they may bring and the incredible music they will be blessing our ears with in the near future ( stay tuned as I will definitely cover any NCT developments in the future). To make you guys NTC literate, let me name some other songs every NTC fan should listen to so you can truly understand and appreciate the versatility of this project:

2. Boss

Before I hit that PUBLISH button, let me share NCT 127's latest single:

This is all from me for this time.


Jorge AO

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