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Seoul Searching: Episode Two (제2화) - Touchdown in Terminal 2

Incheon International Airport - Arrival Terminal 2

And just like that, I landed in Incheon (인천), just one hour outside of Seoul (서울). Despite the health situation that was going on at the time of my arrival in mid-February, I thought that my exchange abroad would still go on as planned and was as excited as ever.

But the outcome that unfolded soon after was not anything I could have prepared myself for. I'll go into more detail about that in a separate blog post.

The first of many photos I took in Seoul.
Cheonggyecheon at Night

At the time, I was still travelling with my sister and her friends, so we booked a car for our group off of Klook to pick us up from the airport to our hotel in Myeongdong (명동). The Airport Limousine Bus is also a great alternative that gets you to the middle of Seoul fairly easily as well.

One of the tourist sites that you have to visit nearby is the famous Cheonggyecheon (청계천) stream that runs right in the middle of the busy streets of Seoul. Steps in the middle allow you to cross from one side to the other, just be sure not to fall in since the water was icy cold when I was there. The stream stretches for 8.4km- so if you ever have some time to spare and are looking for a nice stroll, check this out!


I've been back in Canada for a period of time now, but I still wanted to take the time to show you parts of my life during my short stay in Seoul. The city has so much to offer, so this is really only a glimpse of it during a particularly unusual time. I'll also dive in to how I navigated the health situation as a foreigner abroad and ultimately, what led to my decision to return home.

Thanks for reading and stay happy and healthy! 😄

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