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The Next Generation in K-Pop

Hey fam!

For today's post I will be showing you some of the reasons why I'm excited for the next generation of talent that's making waves in the K-Pop industry. As someone who truly loves second generation K-Pop and is emotionally attached to third gen groups I'm excited to see what's coming up next.


The first group I'm excited to see grow is Ateez. Ateez is an 8 member group formed by KQ entertainment and was known as KQ Fellaz before their debut. I found out about them through their dance videos and I was so excited to see their debut. When they finally debuted, I was shocked by how good the songs were. It felt like I was watching a group that had been active for years and not a rookie group. Pirate King is such a banger and Treasure is still one of my favourite songs ever. I see so much success for them in the future.


The second group is JYP's new girl group ITZY. Their concept video was released recently and I am so excited for their debut. I can't wait to see how different they are from Twice and other JYP groups. All girls are beautiful and I think that they will bring something new out of JYP. I see a lot of hardcore girl crush concepts coming from these girls in the future but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

3. TXT

The last group I am excited for is TXT. As BTS's little brothers they have big shoes to fill. I am excited to see them prove themselves and come out of BTS's shadow and become their own force. The member introduction videos that have come out are so interesting and following the theories has been so much fun. I am excited for their debut and to see what kind of music they release.

These are only three of the groups I am on the lookout for because there is so much more new talent coming in the K-Pop industry. Who are you excited to see debut?

I hope you enjoyed my post and stream Ateez's new song Say My Name!!



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