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Why Girls Owned 2018

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

If you didn't know, boy groups have been dominating the K-Pop industry for years now. Every year girl groups have been fighting to break through and make it in such a male dominated industry. Girl groups like Girls Generation, 2ne1 and now Twice, BLΛƆKPIИK and Red Velvet have been some of the few that have been able to break through. I am guilty of preferring boy groups over girl groups but this year girl groups won in my opinion. With amazing choreography, concepts and songs, I'm here to convince you why girls dominated 2018.

Momoland started the year off with a Bboom when they released Bboom Bboom. Bboom Bboom is arguably one of the most popular songs of the year and everyone and their mother knows the song.

After Momoland came Red Velvet with arguably one of my favourite songs to come out this year - Bad Boy. The sexy music video, visuals and subtleness of the song added to the whole package making it an impactful comeback.

The next impactful girl group comeback that comes to mind is CLC's Black Dress. CLC is one of those groups that surprise me every time they have a comeback because their songs are always so good. Black Dress had so much impact and can we just take a minute to appreciate Seungyeon's solo dance break *legendary*.

March belonged to Mamamoo. Starry Night was in my opinion the most beautiful music video of the year and the year hasn't even ended yet. The visuals, vocals and subtle tropical sound made it the perfect song for spring.

Another memorable comeback for me was Lady by EXID. The retro vibe made me feel nostalgic and felt like I was back in the 90s.

Not long after Lady, Twice came along making us wonder what love was. The music video was so fun and creative and the song was really catchy. It's another one of my favourite comebacks this year.

April ended off beautifully with Gfriend proving themselves once again as one of the best girl groups of the generation with Time for the Moonlight.

In May we had one of the biggest debuts of the year with Latata. (G)idle) came with a big bang and proved to everyone that they were here and they were here to stay.

In June we had Blackpink that swept the charts and released 4 amazing songs. The title song DDU-DU DDU-DU was such a banger and had everyone singing along and dancing to the choreography.

July saw Twice and Mamamoo coming again to snatch wigs and take prisoners. Egotistic and Dance the Night Away were filled with powerful choreography, stunning visuals and songs that were just great to listen to.

You all know how much I love Dreamcatcher and they didn't disappoint with their September comeback.

In October, Weki Meki came back with yet another catchy song with such great choreography.

In September we had Oh!GG proving to use that they were still the girls of the generation. The song reminded us why we love Girl's Generation and I can't wait to see them all together soon.

2018 also gave us amazing collabs between girl group members with songs like Wow Thing and Selfish.

November has already given way to two comebacks from Twice and EXID and there is still more from Mamamoo and Red Velvet to look forward to.

These are the reasons I think that girls owned 2018. I didn't even get to talk about all the comebacks by girl groups and soloists who had just as much of an impact as the girl groups. The year was filled with quality and we and we have girl groups to thank for that.

Sorry boy groups but I think 2018 was truly dominated by great memorable songs from girl groups #girlpower.



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