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5 Korean Male Choreographers Who Are Absolutely Killing It

Let's be honest K-Pop wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for the intricate and stylish dance moves. K-Pop choreography is especially unique thanks to the moves that are complex, technical and often require flawless synchronization and line changes. Have you ever wondered who the masterminds and creators behind these mesmerizing moves are? Wonder no more cause I got you fam! I have a mad respect for these five Korean male choreographers I will cover in just a sec for their ability, passion and drive. Visually, they’re stunning and on top of that they are technically skilled.

All of them dance at two South Korean's top dance studios/schools either 1MILLION Dance Studio or PREPIX Dance Studio.


1MILLION is a powerhouse studio based in Seoul that opened almost five years ago. In addition to offering four to five classes a day at their studio, they also post routines and tutorials on YouTube for their 16 million YouTube subscribers. They mix Top 40 jams with a perfect dose of Korean pop moves, while decked out in the latest street wear fashion.

PREPIX was founded in 2001. After countless of hours of training, PREPIX choreographers took the 3rd place in the biggest South Korean competition Street Jam only to win the 1st place three years later. In 2004, the dance studio won the 1st place in the Underground Jam. The true fame followed in 2013 when PREPIX dancers stared uploading the videos on the studio's YouTube channel that now showcases their dance moves to over 583K subscribers. Since then they had a chance to work with K-Pop stars such as 2PM, Beast, G. NA, Jay Park, Supreme Team and others.


And now that we got that out of the way, sit back and enjoy. If you're feeling extra inspired after (I know I always do), get up and try out your favorite set.

PREPIX iLL | NCT's choreographer + dancer at PREPIX Dance Studio

Instagram: @prepix_ill

PREPIX's uber talented choreographer iLL always wows me with his slick dance moves each time he takes over the dance floor. He wears his passion for dancing on his sleeves and it shows through multiple videos posted on PREPIX's YouTube channel.

iLL is also the mastermind behind the choreography of WayV's 威神V '无翼而飞 most recent hit Take Off.

PREPIX HAW | PREPIX Crew leader, PREPIX Studio + AOMG choreographer

Instagram: @imhaw1979

Haw is the main choreographer and leader at PREPIX dance studio famous for a dance style called the PREPIX Style which mixes the elements of jazz-funk with hip-hop and popping. PREPIX dancers left their mark on the dance scene thanks to their unique way of expressing themselves through movement and their new concepts. Prepix Haw choreographed BEAST's tracks Beautiful Night, It's Not Me and also Yoseob‘s solo debut Caffeine. PREPIX dance studio also worked extensively with Jay Park and helped choreographed tracks such as "오늘밤" (Tonight), "" (Star), "I Like 2 Party", "So Good", "몸매" (Mommae) and "Solo".

Jay Park has also released a dance practice video for my fave song I Like 2 Party. The video below shows Jay accompanied by several other dancers from PREPIX, namely Haw, Ill, Wassup and Joony, all executing the sharp and complicated choreography, also by PREPIX, absolutely perfectly.

If you want to check out Haw's smooth moves, I highly recommend clicking the video below.

KASPER | choreographer at SM Entertainment + 1MILLION Dance Studio

Instagram: @kasper0524

Meet EXO’s main choreographer, Kasper whose real name is Kim Tae Woo. Kasper is a 92-liner born on May 24th who is a dancer and choreographer working closely with SM Entertainment. Kasper rose to fame by posting photos and videos of his dance skills on Instagram starting in September 2013.

As the SM Entertainment choreographer, Kasper had a chance to work with stars like Super Junior's Eunhyuk and SHINee's Taemin. He’s also the mastermind behind EXO’s hit dances like Call Me Baby, Ko Ko Bop and even Lay’s What U Need. When not coming up with choreos for the biggest K-Pop stars or when not on a tour with the SM Entertainment (Kasper was spotted as a backup dancer for SM's artists like Girls Generation, SHINee, TVXQ, Boa, NCT as well as EXO), Kasper can be found sharing his dance knowledge with 1MILLION dance studio students.

FEELDOG | member of BIGSTAR + UNB dancer

Instagram: @fxxldoggssy

Feeldog (필독) was born in Busan, South Korea. You may know him as a BIGSTAR's (빅스타) leader or UNB’s hottest sensation. If you are not familiar with these two groups, let me do a quick introduction.


BIGSTAR (빅스타) is a five-member boy group under Brave Entertainment. They debuted on July 12, 2012 with the single "Bigstart"

UNB (유앤비) is a 9-member South Korean boy group under The Unit Culture Industry Company. The group consists of Feeldog, Euijin, Daewon, Marco, Hojung, Hansol, Jun, Chan, and Kijoong. They were created through the survival program The Unit. UNB debuted on April 7, 2018. They disbanded on 27 January 2019.


Feeldo's childhood dream was to become an artist and his passion and talent for art (mainly drawing) stayed with him until today which you'll see right away upon visiting his Instagram account. Apart from painting, Feeldog is also into songwriting, pottery, inline skating, and boxing. Feeldog looks up to Jay Park and he's good friends with former INFINITE member Hoya whom he knows for over 10 years. Feeldog and Hoya were part of a underground hip-hop dancers crew called “Two O’Clock” in Busan.

With his previous appearance on Mnet’s ‘Hit The Stage’, Feeldog had wowed the audiences with his outstanding skills in hip hop. He is also known for his b-boying skills. Even till today, he has been spotted battling in underground hip hop dance scenes. You never know if you would be able to spot him one day at a dance battle.

JINWOO YOON | choreographer and dancer at 1MILLION Dance Studio

Instagram: @jinwooyoon_ncrt

I personally have a soft spot for JinWoo because he has a sweet personality, awesome style and beyond mad dancing skills. Those who know me are very much aware of how much I love Imagine Dragon's Believer and when I saw JinWoo incorporating his moves into the tune, he had me right there.

Under JinWoo's tutelage, the dancers in the video clip I linked below energetically move with conviction and purpose to make the viewer believe that they're among the best in Asia ... and the world. And you know what they are!!!

I saved my personal fave for the very end and saying that this dance routine is a true treat would be an understatement.

I also added one more from my personal favorites. The core work in this one is very demanding and I totally dig JinWoo's fashion style here.

Now that you're all caught up with some of the best Korean male dancers in the game (you can check out the best K-Pop female dancers that absolutely slay here), here's the important part! You can meet all of them in person and learn some of their best moves and choreos.

When K-Dance agency, one of the biggest agencies in South Korea, representing country's top choreographers approached us with the opportunity to collab, we did not think twice as we see incredible value in their in their 4 day summer camp program. This complete dance camp will offer you a chance to spend four full days with the best choreographers hailing from South Korea, meeting the K-Pop group NOIR and also dance with Nickelodeon superstar Lilimar Hernandez.

The package includes the four days packed with dance practice, all inclusive accommodation for 3 nights (food + drinks included) + more (check below):

The Program:

9 K-Pop dance classes + 1 fan meeting with the K-Pop group NOIR + auditions (optional) with the entertainment companies such as Source Music, MLD Entertainment, Polaris Entertainment and more.

Fan Meeting:

NOIR: a rookie K-Pop group produced by LUK Factory, composed of nine members. They debuted in 2018 with the banger Gangsta.

If you would like to learn more about the K-Dance Camp, you can do so here. 😎 Ready to purchase your ticket and have a terrific summer? Head here. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

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